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“I will not accept this stupid marriage of trade agreement, especially you still do not have to SAY, SORRY for what you did to me” tae first of all is exempt from him “Sorry”, he does not have except marriage. “First of all, I never accepted this agreement” he pulls his grip on the waist tae, tae moans and bites his lips to hide a little pain “DO NOT. NEVER. SAY. IT. AGAIN. When you recover your memory, you will learn how much we loved and our marriage is not only for our love of business. US,” Guk said with his cold tone and then his grip, his eyes torn apart by different reactions. “You didn`t do anything wrong? You didn`t agree with this stupid agreement to buy me for your business?┬áTae shouts angrily and unconsciously grabs the collar of the guk shirt. “What`s your problem, why are you doing this?” he shouts to me, but I stayed there, nothing reacted to him. “Please Babe, try to understand..” tae cuts namjoon “Appa I said stop this stupid conversation” he turns around to go to his room “We are not asking for your permission taehyung. We tell you you you will marry her on July 14, that`s all,” namjoon said and went to his room “WHAT?” Tae looked at her Eomma, who is quietly following into her room, at least expecting her Eomma to say something, but he did exactly the opposite, for he simply remained silent, as if he too accepted this marriage. “Shhhhhhh lolita, I just wondered, do you have any desire to celebrate our marriage as something special or something?” asked guk a few seconds later, he took off his hands to make her answer.

I hope it`s my Lolita. “Tell me hyung, is it about my Lolita?” “Please tell me that I miss my Lolita and want to see me,” I prayed mentally. “YAH, muscle pig, let go of the handle” tried again and again to remove the pillow. Tae kept rolling on his bed in confusion, crazy and new unknown, not knowing what to do. He waits for the nocturnal embrace of his Aomma and in the hope that he might change His Mind Emama to stop this marriage, but Jin does not show it today like the other days he does. It checks the time it will be posted on July 12 at 11:33 p.m. Special thanks to baileyisaboy, goodehheh, Jimins__Lost__Jams, vaish1711. ­čÖĆÔťĘ thank you for your comments, your voices and your supporters “Yes, why do you look so boring. Even you don`t like it when you come back from America. Is it because of Tae, isn`t it? I want to..┬áI cut my mother “No mother please, I`ll be careful.

I`m just tired of traveling and meetings” I lied to Mom. “If Mrs. Kim still doesn`t open this case to Tae, then let him be. I want to surprise him” Birthday Happpieee Kim Taehyung aka My Lolita ~~ ­čĺť­čÉ»­čśś He stands on “Sorry lolita” says and walks to the bed and lies down as if he had finished the subject. “YES, idiot, you get up. We haven`t finished the subject yet,” I shook it. “I`m not doing anything to you,” I said sitting next to it on the couch. “But I love you like a silly Lolita” I kissed the picture of my Lolita in my phone. Tae gets up from the bed and goes out on the balcony with her cute puppy rage..


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