The Power Of Two In Agreement

The prayer of agreement within a family is a powerful tool. The agreement does the work of prayer! So don`t let your past experience put you off. Just make the necessary adjustments and stay in agreement – as a family. You will have what you ask for and what you represent in faith, in the name of Jesus! Watch as Kenneth Copeland guides you through the prayer of the healing agreement. The word agree, which Jesus uses in Matthew 18:19, can also be translated to harmonize or make a symphony. A symphony consists of many instruments that seem to be played together in one voice. If you have ever heard a symphony, you know that if each instrument is correct, each of them plays separately, there is not much to hear. But when the conductor raises his wand and all these instruments begin to harmonize, the sound they make is extremely powerful. The same goes for prayer. Believers who are united in the Holy Spirit are a powerful and inexorable force. This is why Satan fights Christian families. That is why he does not want men and women to be united in marriage. He wants us to fight and bring back all the time, because He knows that this will hinder our prayers (cf.

1 Peter 3:7). Whenever you do not get results from the chord prayer, you perform a test of harmony. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you when you are in conflict with your husband or wife (or someone else). Then follow the instructions of Mark 11:25 (11:25), where Jesus tells us: “If you pray, forgive yourself if you are against anyone, so that your Father, who is in heaven, may forgive you too.” It is not enough for you and your spouse to simply agree on the particular subject for which you are praying. You must also be in harmony in other areas, otherwise your prayer will not be really coherent. (Find a free written contractual prayer for finances at the download HERE.) If you agree ÔÇô mind and soul (spirit) ÔÇô your actions must be consistent. If finances are what you`ve agreed on, you`d expect the money to come in. That means agreeing. You can`t agree on something in prayer, then do the opposite and wait for it to happen.

If you do that, your actions will eventually take your mind. The love arrangements you make or don`t make in your life can make the difference between a big, affectionate wedding or a cold and distant wedding Your love arrangements will manifest in your daily behavior. Day after day, you will live the agreements you make. These seven love agreements will expose you to greater intimacy with God and your spouse. Love agreements do not guarantee immediate results, but they do bring us into a process of improving the marital relationship. The process works best when the wife and husband choose the behaviors together. But a partner can make the agreements alone to get closer to his spouse. Love deals are not unique promises.

As human beings, sometimes we cannot be patient or friendly. It is best to review and renew agreements regularly. One day after another, love and intimacy are built. Fidelity: I will be faithful to my spouse at all times and in all circumstances. . . .

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