Tekashi 6Ix9Ine Plea Agreement

On November 26, 2018, 6ix9in pleaded not guilty and was refused bail, with a trial date of September 4, 2019. [11] The lawyer for 6ix9ine continued to plead that his client “…… totally innocent of all the charges against him” An artist who represents a “gangster image” to promote his music does not make him a member of a company.┬á[12] An eighth accused, Aaron “Bat” Young, was charged on December 19, 2018. [13] In the plea, Hernandez wants to pay $20,000 to a person he identifies as Kintea “Kooda B” McKenzie to shoot rapper Chief Keef. He also admits to agreeing to sell a kilo of heroin. In their letter, prosecutors stated that they intend to seek a sentence below the minimum because of his availability, provided that he “continues to respect the terms of his cooperation agreement.” On the night of November 18, 2018, six men were arrested by ATF agents in New York: 6ix9ine, Shotti, Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones, Fuguan “Fu Bang Bang” Lovick, Jesnel “Ish” Butler and Faheem “Crippy” Walter. [7] The following night, while 6ix9ine was being held at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, she was confronted by inmates linked to the rival Crips gang. Prison staff intervened and quickly transferred 6ix9in to another facility to eliminate future gang threats. [8] On 22 November 2018, a seventh man, Roland “Ro Murda” Martin, was arrested and charged with crimes related to the case. [9] 6ix9ine`s arrest led to the postponement of his much-anticipated debut modelling album the day before the planned release.

[failed verification] After an online leak, Dummy Boy was named on November 27, 20, 2018 was released and reached number two on the Billboard 200 in just three days after charting. [10] According to Complex, which received a copy of the plea, Tekashi, who goes by the middle name of Daniel Hernandez, claimed that in the fall of 2017, he was “accompanying and joining the members of the violent Nine Trey Blood Gang” just as he was recording the video of his hit song Gummo. In oral argument, a prosecutor stated that Mr. Hernandez`s cooperation would likely reveal the criminal activities of others and that he could eventually be included in the witness protection program. The trial and his testimony began on September 16, 2019 with 6ix9ine, who testified the next day for the government. [25] He revealed the internal structure and activities of the band[26] and then mentioned the teammates of rappers Jim Jones and Cardi B as members of various gangs. [27] On November 15, 2018, three days before the arrests and a week before the scheduled release of his debut album Dummy Boy, 6ix9ine unexpectedly announced on Instagram that he had fired his entire team, including his management. He also canceled his tour and said, “Whoever books shows for Tekashi 6ix9ine steals your fucking money.” [6] After his arrest, 6ix9ine was initially denied bail and pleaded not guilty to all charges. He subsequently changed his guilty plea after agreeing to an agreement with law enforcement on February 1, 2019. The admission of guilt led 6ix9th to admit guilt and testify against his co-accused[3], as well as to cooperate fully and not commit any more crimes in exchange for reduced time in detention; December 18, 2019.

6ix9ine was sentenced to two years in prison, fined $35,000, served five years of supervised release after being released to the public and 1,000 hours of community service. 6ix9ine ended by avoiding a possible minimum sentence of 47 years. 6ix9ine was originally scheduled to be published on November 18, 2020, although, as claimed by his lawyer Lance Lazzaro, 6ix9ine was released prematurely. Its new release date has been set for August 2, 2020, despite reports that it could be released as early as July 31, 2020. However, on April 1, 2020, federal Judge Paul Englemayor ordered 6ix9in to serve the remainder of his sentence in house arrest the next day for asthma, making him particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

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