Season Ticket Loan Agreement Letter

After receiving the application form, the human resources department will validate the request before sending it to Payroll. A credit payment is then made to your bank account so that you can purchase your vacation card online or at the reservation office. Arrangements are then made for monthly deductions from your salary for 12 months. Loughborough University offers employees an annual interest-free card loan to cover the costs of public travel between home and work. This form can be used by an employee to apply for an annual card loan. The form contains sections for hr and the Payroll/Finance division to be completed for the processing of the annual card credit. The maintenance of the seasonal card is your responsibility. In case of loss of the ticket, it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement of the tour operator. If for any reason the tour operator decides not to replace the ticket, you will remain responsible for the loan and the deductions from salaries will continue unabated until the entire loan is released. You must apply for a loan before purchasing the permanent card. Credits cannot be granted for monthly or quarterly tickets or for tickets that cost less than £100 per year. Staff Support Programs (PAEs) are health and wellness benefits that can help employees with mental illness. This letter allows you to inform your employees of the implementation of a new EAP and to confirm the specific service of the date of access to the EAP and how to access it.

The letter also confirms that the service is confidential and encourages staff to use the EAP. In this letter, staff can explain the impact of the closure of the child care voucher system on October 4, 2018 on their continued participation in the organization`s child care voucher program. The proposal also informs staff where they can get more information about tax-exempt childcare. The annual card applies to travel between the two resorts you have chosen and can be used at any time, even on weekends, even if the loan is allowed provided that it is mainly intended to travel between home and work. This proposal establishes an agreement with a staff member who has applied for a loan for a permanent card, social assistance or financial difficulty, including the terms of the loan and how it is repaid to the organization. The university reviews any application for permanent card credit individually and reserves the right to delay or reject an application. Proof of purchase of permanent cards must be presented to the Human Resources Department within 2 weeks of payment of the loan. If this is not established, it results in the immediate reimbursement of all outstanding items. Any alleged abuse of permanent card loan agreements (e..B g.

proof that the loan has been used for other purposes) will be reviewed on the basis of the university`s disciplinary policy and disciplinary procedure. The form states that the payment of the permanent card credit must be transferred to the employee`s bank account and asks the employee to prove the purchase of the permanent card. Below is a list of the terms and conditions applicable to all permanent card borrowings. This permanent card loan form provides that the company recovers the remaining portion of the permanent card loan when the employee leaves the company`s employment before the permanent card loan is repaid in full. Credits are granted in the form of a salary advance. After receiving the loan, the pay slip begins with the periodic deductions from your salary. Under no circumstances may the repayment period exceed the duration of the permanent card or employment contract. To qualify, you must be an employee and your employment contract must be valid for a period longer than the expiry date of the ticket (i.e. .

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