Payment Agreement Sprint

You can change or cancel your payment agreement up to one day before the scheduled processing date. Second, the chat employee sent instructions to set up a payment agreement, and when I started following these instructions, I realized that these were the same specific steps I followed to set up the future dated payment. How can I ensure that any payment agreement I have put in place online is a payment agreement and not just an agreement for a dated future payment? Fourth, how can I say that a payment I have put in place is considered a payment agreement? I was also interested in how I could get a payment extension for my bill. I couldn`t find a way to do it on the MySprint website. For the terms of payment agreement visit: At that time I was handed over to the financial department who told me that yes, they can see the payment agreement I have put in place, but it is only for future payment and not an agreement. I was then told that today I had to pay a certain amount to ensure that my services were not separated. I have a few questions: I first made the payment agreement on 26.12 and when I checked yesterday with Sprint (follow-up to sprint`s voice message), I was told that everything was fine. Today, I am told that I must establish a payment agreement or be separated. So why was I told last night that I wasn`t in danger of splitting up, no problems with the account, and now they say I have to make a payment agreement to maintain services? I can still see that my payment contract still shows, but now I am told that the payment contract I made 11 days ago is only a future payment contract and I am subject to separation, unless I make a payment agreement.

Note: Changing or cancelling your payment agreement may change your entitle. This change in authorization may prevent you from creating a new payment agreement You can possibly set up a payment agreement via our secure self-service options with 3 or online. If your account is not eligible for a payment agreement, you may be able to plan a dated future payment. Please note that a future dated payment does not protect your account from collection activities. If you have any other questions, let us know. You will receive an SMS within 24 hours confirming your payment terms. As a general rule, you receive a notification expressly indicating that a payment agreement has been established. The payment agreement will avoid and remove the suspension of your services.

Secure payment agreements will restore blocked accounts, remove hotlines and protect against future asL or collection activities. Future Dated Payment does not remove the hotline or block or protect the account from ASL actions, service interruptions, late charges or reconnection charges.

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