Film Marketing Agreement

All other versions or segments of the project, including the product project, are excluded from these rights. Much of the commercial success of a film comes from international or “foreign” distribution (excluding the United States and Canada). Film producers must not only find the right foreign sales agent for their films, but also negotiate a distribution agency agreement authorizing the commercial agent to ensure exclusive licenses in designated foreign areas. The distribution agency contract defines the critical parameters of this relationship. Here are some important points that producers should understand in structuring these agreements. b) the production company reserves the right to manage mechanically, graphically, electronically or otherwise all elements of the project, film excerpts, songs or music in the finished product, including all photographs taken during production, production, production, sale, public display, leasing, licensing, leasing, marketing, publication, distribution, issuance; to disseminate, distribute, distribute, distribute, adapt and reproduce. . Third parties who wish to exercise rights may only do so at the sole discretion of the production company and only if and if this has been agreed in writing with the customer. 6. The production company is not obliged to start the shooting until the first funds released have been received by the customer, unless there is a written agreement between the two parties. Therefore, the production company reserves the right to cancel the shooting without financial penalty for himself and the customer is obliged to bear all the costs related to this cancellation if such cancellation is a direct consequence of the fact that the customer has not indicated the remuneration in this contract or in the customer`s invoice within the time allowed. 8.

The production company is not required to provide a final version of the final draft until all funds released have been received by the client, unless there is a written agreement between the two parties. Production/financial/distribution agreement: In a production/financing/distribution agreement commonly referred to as a “PFD agreement”, a distribution company (e..B g. a studio or VOD company), a production company producing a film, and the distribution company undertakes to directly finance and distribute the production of the film. . . .

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