European Works Council Agreement Template

In 1999, the ETUI set up another database containing texts in English of the EEC agreements establishing EWCs. In 2005, a selection of data was put online, allowing EWC members to inform us of changes in the composition of their EWC or to send us copies of renegotiated agreements. In 2004, the collection of agreements and data on multinational enterprises were integrated into a single database and supplemented by a selection of data that analyse the content of the agreements provided by the SDA-Infopoint. The last update was released in 2006 on CD Rome. 3 published. The third type of content is the (multinational) company. This type of content contains information about the size of the company, its ownership structure and its activities in different EU countries. Again, a single company may be associated with more than one EWC body if more than one board is active in its subsidiaries. This search provides a list of documents of all kinds (EEC agreements, national case law, additional documents…) 1.

Firstly, the database consists of EEC agreements. These are agreements signed between the representatives of management and the employees` representatives of a given company with a view to setting up transnational information and consultation bodies or procedures. These agreements (original agreements for the establishment of EEC/SE works councils and/or amendments or other related documents, such as.B. judicial proceedings/court decisions) are recorded in the data set, including certain demographic data (date of signature) and an analysis of the content of the contract on the basis of a coding guide. The EWCdb is a relational database of EBR and SE-WC agreements, EWCs, SEs and multinational enterprises managed by the ETUI (European Trade Union Institute). The relational dataset has three main content types: you can search for the EWC and/or its agreements by entering any part of the company or CEE name in the main search form or by using extensive search filters to search for agreements. C) Full-text search in agreements stored in the database In 2008, it was decided to integrate the content analysis of UNECE agreements implemented so far by the Agency for Social Development into the UNECE ETUI database. Since then, the two organizations have been collaborating on this joint project.

The EBCdb is a database that aims to encompass and cover all existing EWCs, agreements and related companies. The first step in the data process is therefore the identification of the contract. The EBDB receives information on a specific EWC agreement from various sources. After identification, access to the contract must be ensured through different channels. If not all agreements and bodies are included in the database, a coverage error may occur. . . .

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